Better late than never? Week 0.

It has been 3 years since I finished my Ed Tech degree. Since that time I have been an administrator with limited chance to use what I had learned. I have no passion for being a principal, so I am looking around for the right opportunity as an online instructor, Instructional Designer, or as an Integration Specialist.
My intentions with this MOOC are to refresh those rusty skills and learn new ones. It is amazing how fast things have changed! Change itself is an issue I find important. Are things changing just because they can? Because it is expected? Or, is it a true improvement?
Coming from the k-12 world I understand another important issue is student safety. What should students have access to? What should be limited? In my part of rural Arizona parents and schools are concerned with blogging, students and teachers having too much contact in online situations. Just to mention a few.
I have a goal to contribute regularly and with great wisdom. We shall see, on both counts.
I have not been very involved with blogging, or networking with others in the e-learning field for that matter. I hope that will change, and I can become more comfortable and involved in the community and with other participants.
I have a goal to not be part of the 90% who don’t participate actively, but if I am I hope to learn quite a bit from the other 10%.



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